Chandler Police Cadets T-Hunt in Colorado

The Chandler Police Cadets recently experienced T-Hunting first hand on a trip to the beautiful forests of Colorado. The Cadet Program focuses on molding young adults into career professionals and developing skills necessary for success in any vocation along with championing values such as personal integrity, service to their communities, and becoming part of something bigger than ones self.

The Colorado T-Hunt combined a class and exercise in compass and map orienteering with a mulit-transmitter T-Hunt. Two teams were directed to multiple waypoints by finding transmitters, supplying an identifying code to "command," and then were given instructions to tune to the next transmitter. Transmitter bearings were plotted on maps and triangulation techniques used. At one waypont the cadets were required to assemble a jig saw puzzle to reveal a code word (a call sign of one of the three hams on the trip) in order to be directed to the next transmitter.

The Colorado Cadet T-Hunt was a great exercise in teamwork, leaning about wilderness navigation, a little bit of radio knowledge, and a fun time in the cool mountains of Colorado. Special thanks to AZTHunt and Byonics for the support and loaning out extra transmitters to make for a challenging T-Hunting course!